Onion has moved to the Highlands of Scotland! She is getting used to sheep, and sea, and a distinct lack of lampposts and takeaway boxes...
There's now a Facebook page called Onion Light: Bull Terrier Lamp. Please join if you're a fan of the light, and post your lovely photos of your Onion Lights!
After a quiet 2010, Onion was proud to be part of the Pet-Tastic held at the Barbican in London! Pin-the-tail-on-Onion, postcards, outfits, a glorious hand-stitched banner, a film including Onion. Heaven! Thank you as always to the very lovely Rachael House.
Onion sat for photographer Kate Potter (after first running around causing chaos) - the result is a stunning portrait of an Onion!
Blackpool Pet-Tastic, the canine art social event of 2009, took place on Sunday September 13th. And what a wonderful day we had!
JUNE 2009
Onion has tried on her costume for 2009's Pet-Tastic event, and it is fabulous! More details here soon...
MAY 2009
Onion is very proud to be among the sponsors of the Dogs Trust Honours 2009. Lots of deserving dogs in the line-up.
Onion is five years old! She is sponsoring a Dogstrust bull terrier cross named Lilly.
Onion's agility shame, now on YouTube...
The Onion Light is on the cover of Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys' Late Night Tales. Available in October. How cool!
Onion took part in Alpha Dog Training's summer agility competition. Lots of tasty jumps to chew on... Onion won a special prize for her able deconstruction of the course...
MAY 2008
Onion is honoured to become a muse again. This time for a piece of 'speed art' on YouTube, where you can watch Onion transformed into an artwork!
APRIL 2008
In 2006 Alison Willoughby made the 'Onion ruffle skirt', inspired by you-know-who. Now that skirt features in Alison's new book, 49½ Skirts, and there's even a bull terrier template for anyone who want to try making their own version! To see a picture of the original, visit Onion on the Red Carpet! in Onion's Blog. Visit Alison's blog too!
Time for this canine celeb to get fit! So Onion has been attending fun outdoor agility at the Alpha Dog Training School. She'll never be a star agility dog (theft of the equipment being a forte), but as usual, she offers lots of entertainment!
JUNE 2007
23 June 2007 sees the canine social event of the year: Peckham Pet-tastic. Onion is proud to be the face of this fab fancy dress picnic, organised by artist Rachael House. Grab a dog, make an outfit, and come and join us. Dogless people also welcome! For more, see Onion's Blog.
MAY 2007
Onion has a new and fabulous look for her role as the face of Peckham Pet-tastic: Lady Luck. For a pic see Onion's Blog. Also, there's an interview on DogCast Radio all about Onion...
APRIL 2007
Lewisham Pet-Tastic on 14 April 2007 was fantastic. Lots of happy dogs in fancy dress, and lots of happy children. Onion was featured in flags, badges and even a 'pin the tail on Onion' game! An article in the Independent on Sunday described Onion as the Scarlett Johansson of the dog world... See more on Onion's Blog.
MARCH 2007
Onion has a new outfit, all ready for Lewisham Pet-Tastic on 14 April 2007! For more details see Onion's Blog.  And meanwhile, Onion has been discovered by US online paper Maine Today!
We've added a Gallery to the site, so you can see how well the Onion Lights and Onion Softies are settling in to their new homes! And Onion and her Lights have featured on Clover's Modern Dog weblog
Onion turned three years old! See Onion's blog for pictures of her bony celebration. The Onion Light has also been spotted on a film set. We think the film is called The Broken... More details when we have them... Plus, Onion has made a guest appearance on an Oslo bullie's blog!
A busy month! The Onion Lights are staying in London's fabulous Zetter hotel. The Zetter has just been named 'Best Small Hotel' in the Visit London awards and singled out for its style, comfort and ‘quirky personality’, which explains why the stylish, quirky Onion Lights look so at home there! There are pictures on Onion's blog. And the Onion Softie (a soft toy modelled on Onion) is finally here! has been named Cool Dog Site of the Day (15 December 2006) by Dogmark. And for anyone with a taste for the bizarre, Onion has been included in a dog version of "Do They Know It's Christmas" on YouTube...
The Onion Light is here, and it's also being sold in famous London department store Liberty's! This month, wikiFido have conducted a "celebrity interview" with Onion about her "career" to date...
Onion attended the premiere of Scenes of a Sexual Nature (her debut movie!) on Sunday 8th October. Read more in the Onion blog! Onion has also featured on CelebrityDogWatcher and on ModernPooch this month, and Bull Terrier Monthly has included an article about this site.
Onion has two pages to herself in the Bull Terrier edition of the magazine Dog Collection, due in UK newsagents on 27 September. She is the 'Star Dog', described as 'actor, dancer, model, athlete, Good Citizen and all-round perfect pet'! For more about the Dog Collection see links.
Onion has been asked to be the face of Peckham Pet-Tastic for 2007. This prestigious canine modelling contract followed on her trip to the wonderful Bexhill Bow Wow, a glorious fancy dress party for dogs! See links.
JULY 2006
Onion has been sculpted in clay and will soon be lighting up lives in the Onion Light! Sculptor Myra Heller has made a fabulous model of Onion, which is being used to create an exclusive lamp, available on this site in Autumn 2006.
To read more about the lamp, see meet the Onion.

To receive an email when the lights are available, send us an email to and we’ll put you on the mailing list. We promise not to give your details out to anyone else.

JUNE 2006
Look out for Onion in this month’s Bull Terrier Monthly, Issue 51: read ‘Be Not Afraid’ (page 12), and see how Onion’s tricks change people’s image of bull terriers!

For details of the Bull Terrier Monthly site, see links.

MAY 2006
Onion’s debut film, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, went down a storm at Cannes. Onion is preparing herself for the media onslaught that looks set to accompany the London premiere in Autumn 2006!

For more about Onion’s role in the film, see meet the Onion

For the movie’s official website, visit links.

APRIL 2006
Onion was invited to her own ‘private view’ of artist Ray Richardson’s wonderful prints, many of which include bull terriers. Here is Onion posing in front of Wildwood.
For a link to more of his work, visit our links page.

This month, Onion went Gold! She achieved her Kennel Club Gold Good Citizen Award, putting paid to the myth that (miniature) bull terriers are untrainable!
Read more in meet the Onion.

See links for details of the Kennel Club site.

MARCH 2006
Onion earned a second-place rosette at Crufts 2006, while her sister Elsa won Best of Breed! Congratulations all round!

Onion has the canine lead role in the pop promo for A-ha’s ‘Cosy Prisons’! She had to bark on command to win the part.

Read more in meet the Onion.

See links for a clip of the promo.


The Bull Terrier Yearbook 2005 is out! It includes a four-page article on how Onion trained for her part in Ewan McGregor movie Scenes of a Sexual Nature.

Go to about us and download a press pack to see this and other articles about Onion.

Visit Links for details of the Bull Terrier Yearbook website.

Pics of me doing Onion things...bonzer!

The Onion Light is here...and can also be seen at Liberty's and at the Zetter hotel. Very stylish!

And the Onion Softie is also available on this site.


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