Scenes of a Sexual Nature
This gentle British comedy has a starry cast that includes Ewan McGregor, Sophie Okonedo, Dame Eileen Atkins, Catherine Tate...and Onion! It hit UK cinemas in November 2006. You can see the trailer here and Onion's in it!
A-ha Video
Onion is beautifully shot in the pop promo for A-ha's single 'Cosy Prisons'. Visit Onion's YouTube page and find the video among her 'Favorites'.


Peckham Pet-Tastic
Artist Rachael House creates dog fancy dress picnics in London, Bexhill, Norway and beyond - joyous canine art social events that include games, treats and a fancy dress parade, with prizes for all! Unmissable!
Ray Richardson
If you're a bull terrier lover, and you haven't seen Ray Richardson's work, then you're missing out. His prints are urban, cinematic, thought-provoking, and we have a particular soft spot for those including bull terriers.


Love My Dog
Simply the most fabulously stylish dog accessories imaginable. Whether you like your canine companion in tweeds, in velvets or in florals, this is the place to go! See a pic of Onion sporting her Liberty-print collar on the Onion Blog.
The Amazing Adventures of Arthur Baker
Onion's friend Arthur Baker has always been a handsome fellow and something of a style icon. Now he has his own website, selling all kinds of cool stuff including bullie bandanas and some fab greetings cards (we just love Monsieur Arturo Baker!). Go, Arthur!


Onion is truly a cyberdog!

Take a look at the following pages:


Bull Terrier Monthly
A great publication for anyone who owns, breeds or just loves bull terriers, with emphasis on showing (meaning masses of pictures of gorgeous bullies) and on the welfare of the breed. Lots of heated debate, too.
Bull Terrier Yearbook
A must for bull terrier addicts, this book is filled with glossy pictures showing the most beautiful members of the breed, as well as show reports and informative articles. Look out for a feature on Onion in the 2005 edition.
Dog Collection
Every fortnight offers a fact-packed magazine and a cute, fluffy pedigree pup to go with it. ‘Dog Collection’ chose Onion to be the ‘Star Dog’ in the Bull Terrier Issue, number 18, available on their website.


Alpha Dog Training
These nice people let Onion loose on their agility course - and turned a blind eye when she ran off with the equipment! Thanks to their care and patience, Onion now occasionally completes a round without pinching a cone. And most importantly, she absolutely loves it and comes home worn out!
Kennel Club
Onion has benefited hugely from 'studying' for and achieving her GOLD Kennel Club Good Citizen award - she now has a clearer notion of the strange things that please her human cohabitants (sitting on her mat, waiting when asked to etc)! Check out the Training section of the Kennel Club website and look at GCDS Awards.
Learning About Dogs
Clicker courses in Gloucestershire. Kay Laurence's books on clicker training are highly recommended.


The friendliest forum we know. You can ask anything bullie-related here and a host of bullie-lovers are always ready to help. Read about the achievements (and misdemeanours!) of owners' bullies, see their photos and get lots of very sound advice. A meeting place for bullie owners the world over.
Bullies In Need
A group of bull terrier lovers who aim to rehome bull terriers that have ended up in rescue centres in the UK. They match up these 'bullies in need' with responsible bullie-suitable homes. Lots of happy endings in the 'Rescue Stories' section.
A website full to brimming with bullies! Add your own bull terrier to the Gallery, browse through the articles, or look through the shamelessly bullie-centred links!
Bull Terrier Health
If your bullie is suffering skin problems, you might find help on, which details how herbal supplements helped one bullie back to health.
Southern Miniature Bull Terrier Club
Lots of good advice and info on mini bull terriers. If you're in the south of England, why not join this friendly club? The newsletter is great, and everyone here loves their minis!


Celebrity Dog Watcher
An unusual take on celebrity... Proving that you can tell a lot about someone by the dog company they keep. And Onion is the first celebrity dog featured who has non-celebrity owners!
Dogmark cool dog site of the day
A site that's worth a daily visit: a cool dog site a day, and at the end of the month you can vote on your favourite. A good place to find classy, stylish sites. This site featured as cool site of the day on 16 December 2006!
A site for dog lovers, with dogs of every size and shape, and all things dog-related. Very friendly forums and loads of useful info.
Modern Pooch
Described as 'your daily doggy fix', this site covers all sorts of dog 'news' and canine capers. And of course they've included Onion...
National Dog Tattoo Register
Onion was tattooed as a puppy. It's another way to identify a lost pet, and we hope it would make dog thieves think twice too.
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