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You can download a press pack with just some of the articles Onion has generated.
Press to date has included:

  • Dogs Today, 2-page feature, February 2006
  • Dog World, articles on 14 October 2005, 24 March 2006, 20 October 2006 and mention in ‘In the Doghouse’ 26 May 2006
  • Bull Terrier Yearbook 2005, 4-page article
  • Bull Terrier Monthly, articles in Issue 45, Issue 51 and Issue 55.
  • Dog Collection partwork, issue 18 (Bull Terrier edition), features Onion as ‘Star Dog’.
  • Bull Terrier Club Bulletin, Winter 2006, article
  • Independent on Sunday, 22 April 2007, 'Talk of the Town' piece about Lewisham Pet-Tastic.

Onion has also garnered online attention, for example:


The Onion site has been inspired by Onion. Onion would like to thank all the following for all their work in getting it launched:

  • ace designer Dom Baker, who has created a beautiful and stylish website fit for a pampered pooch, and designed our lovely logo
  • the lovely Maria Lamle for the press pack and for being our rubber-stamp queen

And for help with other Onion stuff:

  • beyond-the-call-of-duty printer Nick Thomson, may your reward be in fish heaven
  • late-night sculptor Myra Heller, who has created a dog we all want to take home, and made it all fun when it should have been frantic
  • light guru Shiu-Kay Kan, who is making a dog dream possible
  • and Alex and Hannah, who brought the Onion into the world and thus gave so much happiness to so many people!

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