Welcome to Onion's Gallery!

We would like to thank everyone who has allowed us to use their pictures in the gallery. Please do send us your shots of your Onion Lights, Onion Softies and your own family!



This is Wilson, a handsome boy if ever we saw one. He's in Wales and he's got his very own Onion Light! See a full slide show on Wilson's owner MountainEar's blog.

You can just see the curve of an inquisitive bullie on the right of this picture! That's Asha, in Belgium. Visit Asha and Ellen's MySpace page.

This Onion Softie went all the way to the USA, where it had to have a veterinary check-up! Thanks to Widow R for this pic! Visit Widow R and her bullies' MySpace page. Also, one of her bullies snoozing by the light of an Onion!

This is Canadian bullie Mr Seamus meeting the Onion Light...and they get on like a house on fire! Visit Mr Seamus's MySpace page!

And here is the gorgeous Arthur Baker with his light.You can read more about him and become his friend on Arthur Baker's MySpace page.

Vinnie, curled up snoozing by the light of an Onion! More about Vinnie on Elinor Geller's Facebook page!

Daisy and Alfie, proudly keeping their Onion Light from harm! More pictures on Paul Allen's Facebook page!

Onion herself, contemplating an Onion Softie.

And Onion making an Onion Light wear her Lewisham Pet-tastic hat.

We love seeing how Onion Lights and Onion Softies are settling in around the world. Please send us your pictures for inclusion in the Onion Gallery!

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